Pixel Art Game Backgrounds

This is a wonderful collection – Pixel Art Game Backgrounds. It contains seamless backgrounds on various topics. These are nature, cities, fantasy, planets, war and much more. If you like pixel art, then the art presented here can be useful for your game project. For example, for the classic platformer arcade, dynamic fighting game, puzzles, etc.

All backgrounds are created in Adobe Photoshop program and presented in 2 formats. The first is PSD – the original format. It has a multi-layered structure and allows you to edit graphics according to your desires. The second is PNG – the format for work in the game project.

We hope that our collection will help you complete your tasks and make a high-quality 2D game. Some kits are available for free download. This will allow you to evaluate the quality and also use them in your projects. We wish you success!

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