Anime Characters Pixel Art Sprite Sheet for Platformer

Explore our Anime Characters Pixel Art Sprite Sheet for Platformer — a captivating collection that promises to breathe life into your 2D game world and evoke fresh emotions among your gaming community. Immerse yourself in this enchanting category, where you’ll uncover the perfect solution to captivate and surprise your players. Within this splendid assortment, you’ll encounter a diverse array of characters, ranging from charming anime girls to formidable shinobi, demons, and vampires. Redefine your game world, infusing it with the intensity of battle and a touch of demonic magic, using this collection in conjunction with other graphics available at

Crafted in the beloved pixel art style, these characters seamlessly integrate into popular genres such as RPG, action, roguelike, novels, platformers, adventures, exploration, survival, battles, and fantasy. The versatility of this collection extends to compatibility with major game engines, including GameSalad, Buildbox, GDevelop, Defold, and more. Easily adapt these sprites to suit your creative vision and seamlessly integrate them into your game development workflow. Should you desire to personalize this collection, feel free to make adjustments such as scaling, altering the color scheme, and more.

Any graphic editor supporting formats like PNG and PSD will serve you well in this endeavor.


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