Game Asset Bundles

Welcome to one of the main pages of our website, which is proudly called Game Asset Bundles. This is a whole treasure trove for game developers of any level. Regardless of whether you are a beginner who is just starting the journey in this industry, or a professional who has many successful gaming projects under his belt, you will definitely be able to find something useful. On the expanses of this page, there are many collections, among which you can find: various icons (avatars, skills, achievements, equipment, clothing, armor), characters (including bosses, enemies, main characters, monsters, fairy-tale characters, mythical creatures, magicians, etc.), tilesets that have amazing diversity and will easily allow you to prepare gorgeous and engaging levels and locations, ready-made game kits, isometric level maps, beautiful backgrounds that convey the basic atmosphere, interfaces and much more.

The Game Asset Bundles page contains almost all of the site’s existing collections, so it will serve as a great reference for you. Plus, it has a great variety of graphics ranging from Pixel Art, Cartoon, and Vector and ending with Realistic, TDS, Isometric, etc. Each of them has its own set of file formats, including PNG, PSD, FBX, EP, SCML. In addition, they are perfectly adaptable to work with many popular engines, including GameSalad, Buildbox, GameMaker, Defold and others. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your game and its quality without spending a lot of time preparing individual resources – use the site and its ready-made resources.

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