Fantasy Warrior Sprites Asset Collection

We bring you a great selection of premium and free Fantasy Warrior Sprites. Here you will find versatile and unique warriors with custom animations for your game. You can use all the characters to create an entertaining 2D game. Assign them various tasks, abilities and a place in the game. Release paid packs in which players can get unique characters with their own bonuses.

The collection consists of a variety of characters, with their own: pirates, vendors, fairies, trees, druids, gnomes, ninjas, assassins, gladiators and other cool characters. Here you can find a character for any genre and subject: RPG, action, rogue, MMORPG, CRPG, romance, action platformer, etc.

Plug them into popular game engines such as Buildbox, GameMaker, Phaser, Godot and more. Also, you have the ability to adjust colors, add new details, resize in any vector editor, like Adobe Illustrator. On the CraftPix website, you can find everything you need to create your game.


  • Instant access to ALL GAME ASSETS (included new ones!)
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  • Unlimited downloads for each product
  • Regular updates and support with dedicated help desk
  • You can sell and distribute games with our assets.

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