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Plunge into the world of high-quality gaming resources with a 64×64 section and download them all! There is a very rich collection here, which contains a lot of amazing Game Art, carefully created in the popular 64×64 pixel resolution. Among this variety, you can easily find game kits, character icons (pirates, fairies, dead men, demons, etc.), icons of various skills and effects (explosions, water, smoke), tilesets, objects and much more. They are designed to help you create fun and visually appealing game projects. Here you can mainly find graphics in the style of pixel art and PSD, PNG formats. The 64×64 format provides a unique, nostalgic visual style that resonates with gamers of all ages. Whether you’re crafting a pixelated adventure, invoking nostalgia with a platformer, or venturing into realms of runners, adventures, horrors, or indie RPGs, these resources serve as the ideal foundation for your creative endeavors.
They are compatible with popular game engines such as Unity, Godot, GameMaker and others, ensuring a smooth integration process. Leverage these graphics to infuse your game project with intriguing gameplay, introduce captivating characters, and craft breathtaking levels. Pair them with the offerings available in this section, as well as the wealth of additional resources at your disposal on the CraftPix.net website.

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