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Welcome to the kingdom called Avatar Game Assets and download this art right now. The pages in this section are filled with amazing Game Art that will help you create wonderful and exciting gaming experiences. In this section you will find many avatar sets, each with a unique style and purpose. For example, you can see complete game kits, icons of demons, fairies, gnomes, evil spirits, sorcerers, goblins, necromancers and many others. Each of them has not only unique external characteristics of avatars (skin color, accessories, eyes, etc.), but also made in a different graphic style – pixel art and vector. As a result, depending on the set you choose, there may be several graphics formats inside, including PNG, PSD, AI and EPS. These avatar resources are very versatile, making them suitable for various game genres such as RPGs, novels, quests, turn-based strategies, simulators, adventure games, MMO, etc. Take advantage of these resources to create a world filled with magic, fantasy characters , epic battles and amazing gameplay.
Also, game engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot and RPG Maker are fully compatible with these resources. Be sure to save the site CraftPix.net in order to discover a huge selection of resources in the future, ready to become part of your cult game.

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