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Welcome to the pages of the excellent City Game Assets section, hurry up and download it first! It is specially prepared to become a part of your game world and help you diversify your Game Art. Among this vast variety of graphic elements, you will find many useful things. We want to highlight: amazing backgrounds, tilesets, which are filled to the brim with various resources that allow you to create unique locations (ghettos, residential areas, villages, winter city, etc.), decorative objects (barriers, barrels with various fillings, directional signs, pipes, terminals, etc.), and even 3D models of settlements. It’s important to note that each set is crafted in a distinct style (Pixel Art, 3D Low Poly Models, Vector). Moreover, each pack has its own set of file formats (FBX, AI, EPS, PNG, PSD). Use this section to make it as easy as possible for you to create an amazing add-on for your game. Or create a completely new game project filled with cool characters, magnificent landscapes, interesting tasks and epic battles. Due to such a wide variety, there will be a place for both game developers in the genres of horror, adventure, RPG and strategy, as well as fans of quests, runners, platformers, side-scrollers and other genres of the popular 2D gaming industry.
In addition, all the packages can be easily integrated into popular game engines such as GameSalad, Buildbox, GameMaker, Phaser, Godot, Solar 2D and others. Be sure to visit the website, because here is a paradise for game developers, which stores many useful assets and not only for your game project.

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