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Hop on board for an interstellar journey with the help of this Galaxy Game Resources section and download the ones you need. Explore space with a large selection of unique graphic assets that can enhance the magnificence of your Game Art. In this category you will find a galaxy of asset sets, including: game kits, various spaceships, game interfaces with a huge selection of buttons, backgrounds with the ability to scroll endlessly, tilesets that contain unique locations, objects, colonies and many other elements. Among this diversity, you can find such styles as pixel art, vector graphics and even 3D Low Poly Models. Depending on your choice, the archives may contain various file formats, including FBX, PSD, PNG, AI, EPS, PNG, SVG and others. This variety allows you to easily choose the necessary set that will fully match the genre of your game, including runners, adventures, turn-based strategies, quests, exciting explorations, RPGs and much more. And due to their excellent adaptability, it will be much easier for you to integrate assets into many popular game engines, including Phaser, Godot, Construct 2, Construct 3, Unity and others. Bring to your game project a lot of unique resources that will allow your players to feel like they are in outer space, among many galaxies and enemy ships. And also explore the vastness of space along with this section and the rest of the graphics on the website

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