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Welcome to the section proudly named Space Game Assets, where you can download our incredible sets. It contains everything you need to create a popular and, not least, exciting game world. This collection acts as your magical door to a world where incredible game art is found, as well as high-quality graphics of a cosmic level. Once you open this door, you will discover stunning assets. These include game kits like skill icons, armed spaceships, planets, game menus in the same style, interfaces, awards, titles, space colonies, amazing backgrounds, objects, and much more.

These assets will enable you to create a truly mesmerizing game world in space and the far corners of the galaxy. Explore a universe of possibilities with our Space Game Assets collection. This section contains quite a lot of different sets, which are prepared in different styles, ranging from simple pixel art to vector, SCI-FI and even 3D Low Poly. As a result, you can find here formats such as FBX, AI, EPS, Spine, PNG and PSD.

All the sets found here are quite versatile and can be easily integrated into many game genres. Game styles ranged from space exploration, science fiction, strategy, shooter, adventure, RPG, MMO, runner and even survival. And besides this, they have excellent compatibility with such game engines as Defold, Solar 2D, Corona, Godot, GameMaker and others. Create a unique game world that will fill the hearts of players with great interest in the mysteries of space and galactic battles, using these sets and other resources from the site

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