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We are glad to welcome you to the wonderful Stone Game Assets section, and we invite you to download as many useful things as possible from here. This is truly a magic wand, ready to help you create a new game world or improve your Game Art. In the vast space of this section, there are many useful resources, among which you can find various game kits, icons with minerals, magic runes, wonderful tilesets that will allow you to create amazing biomes, various objects and even 3D Low Poly Models. Since there is such a wide selection of graphic elements, each of them has its own style. For example, it could be pixel art, 3D low poly or even vector. As a result, depending on your choice, the package can store file formats like PSD, PNG, AI, EPS and even FBX. Regardless of what genre you are creating your game in (RPG, runner, turn-based strategy, adventure, quest, exciting exploration or MMO), you will definitely be able to find suitable resources.
In addition, they have excellent adaptability, which allows them to be easily integrated into such popular game engines as Buildbox, GameMaker, GDevelop, Defold, Construct 3, etc. Use this section and other graphics from in order to create an unusually involving game world and gather thousands of fans around your game.

2D Game Kits

Characters & Sprites



2D Game Objects

3D Game Assets


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