Vector Cartoon Platformer Tilesets

Vector Cartoon Platformer Tilesets is a large premium collection of tilesets suitable for platform game developers. We have prepared over 15 tilesets for creating creative locations and levels. Winter, desert, castle adventure, gnome mines, night locations, jungle, hot volcano and more!
Each set includes various items that can be easily combined, modified and edited. Parts of houses, trees, fences, tiles of a certain biome, stones, jugs, rags, chairs, tables – in general, everything you need to create new, interesting and unique levels! The entire collection can be used in any game engines: Unity, Construct, GameMaker Studio, Godot, Solar 2D, Cocos2d, etc. Create interesting adventures, quests and tasks in completely new and unique locations!
The CraftPix website releases daily updates of various categories on the site! Therefore, add the site to your bookmarks so as not to lose the necessary tilesets and other sets!

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