Zombie Apocalypse Top Down Assets Collection

We have put together Zombie Apocalypse Top Down Assets Collection for you to make your game project sparkle with new colors. This is a “terribly” interesting collection that is filled with a large selection of graphics. It stores: tilesets (desert, house and furniture, destroyed cars), character sprites (zombies, monsters), main characters, game interface, cars and tanks, shot effects.

Use this set to create an action, survival or adventure game where the player will be in constant tension from the upcoming battles with monsters and zombies. Also, all the characters have their own animation of movements, developed in the Spriter program. In the collection archives you can find AI, PNG, SCML files.

All graphics here are vector, which means they can be easily edited in any vector editor, such as Adobe Illustrator. For example, add new details or change the size. The whole package can be installed in popular game engines: Cocos 2D, GDevelop, Defold, Unity.

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Characters & Sprites

Game UI


2D Game Objects


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