Fantasy Characters Pixel Art for Platformer

Welcome to our treasury of Fantasy Characters Pixel Art for Platformer! Immerse yourself in a realm of creativity as we present meticulously crafted character assets tailored exclusively for platformer game enthusiasts.

Embark on a journey through this collection and discover an enchanting array of characters, each with a distinct personality. From the fierce Werewolf to the elusive Yokai, from the spell-weaving Wizard to the unyielding Skeleton, and from the gallant Knight to the shadowy Ninja and Samurai – this collection is a trove of diverse characters brimming with pixelated charm. What sets these characters apart is their animation – a fusion of nostalgia and innovation. Their classic animations are meticulously preserved as sprite sheets, ensuring that every jump, attack, and movement feels just right within your game.

We’ve designed these character sets to cater to your unique creative process. Each set is offered in two dynamic formats – PNG for simplicity and PSD for those who love to dive into detailed customization. These characters aren’t just pixels; they’re the essence of platformer magic, waiting to be woven into your game’s narrative. Whether you’re a solo indie developer or a tight-knit team, these characters will breathe life into your platformer world. And there’s more – these characters seamlessly integrate into some of the most popular game engines in the industry: Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, Construct 3, GameMaker Studio.


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