RPG icons

We have compiled for you a collection of high-quality RPG icons. This graphics can be used in your role-playing games for commercial purposes. They are ideal for this purpose and will save you a lot of time. In each archive you will find PNG and PSD files, they are multi-layered and easy to edit. Below is a list of icons that you will find here:

  • 1. Clothing for characters: elves, knights, mages and dwarves;
  • 2. Rings and other magic items;
  • 3. Magic books and scrolls;
  • 4. Alchemy herbs;
  • 5. Knives and daggers;
  • 6. Different potions;
  • 7. Magic crystals and runes;
  • 8. Weapons and armor.

Game assets are available for you at a reasonable price of $ 3.5. Some RPG icons you can download for free and also use in your projects. We will be very happy if our graphic arts will help you to realize your game.


  • Instant access to ALL GAME ASSETS (included new ones!)
  • 12 new products / month
  • Unlimited downloads for each product
  • Regular updates and support with dedicated help desk
  • You can sell and distribute games with our assets.

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