Platformer Character Sprites Cartoon Collection

Here is the Platformer Character Sprites Cartoon Collection, which contains a lot of different graphics that are sure to come in handy for creating a cult game. A large number of different sets with characters are stored here, namely: heroes, villains, animals, girls, men, evil geniuses, explorers, etc. Thanks to such a wide range of different sets, you can easily find the right hero for your genre of 2D gaming industry, such as platformers, card games, adventures, MMORPGs, CRPGs and others.

Use this pack to create a wonderful world filled with cool characters, tough enemies and cute teammates. They will fight with the player, help him complete various tasks, etc. Also, this set can be easily integrated into any popular game engine such as: Godot, Solar 2D, Cocos 2D, GDevelop. Since vector graphics are used here, for more correct editing and making various changes, you are better off using Adobe Illustrator.

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