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Start your exciting journey on the pages of the Animal Game Assets section, each element of which is carefully prepared in order to surprise you and your gaming community with its quality and diversity. Give your Game Art a chance to gain new shine and interest in the eyes of players.

This extensive section offers a fairly wide palette of graphic elements. You can choose from ready-made game kits that are filled with the necessary graphic elements. Here, you will find a wide variety of characters, including aquatic inhabitants, dogs, beetles, rhinoceroses, birds, scorpions, raccoons, wild boars, rabbits, monkeys, icons, tilesets, sharks, sheep, turtles, and other fauna. These elements can perfectly complement your game world, serving as NPCs or even enemies. With such a wide selection, you can immediately choose the graphics style you need, including 3D Low Poly, Pixel Art, Vector and others. Depending on which of these packages you want to choose, the file format will change, from PNG and FBX to AI, EPS, PSD, SCML. Runner, adventure quest, battle, survival, horror, side-scroller and even games in the Top Down genre are perfect for these graphics packages. The same applies to popular game engines, including Construct 3, Unity, GameSalad.

Save the extensive repository to unlock the potential of these graphics assets and improve your game development today.

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