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Get ready to download these characters for epic battles from the Armor Game Assets section. Among the variety of game art, you will definitely find something that will bring new events and equipment to your gaming world. In this category you will find many sets of assets, namely: various costume icons, from heavy knight’s armor to light imperial capes, shields, which are the main protective link in any battle, many belts, cloaks, headdresses (from iron to simple, woven from linen), boots that fully protect the feet, gloves, pants, additional armor that is worn over clothing and many other goodies that are ready to become part of your gaming project. Due to the fact that so many different sets are concentrated here, you can find such graphics styles as pixel art, vector, as well as 3D Low poly models. Each of them stores a certain set of formats, for example it can be FBX, PNG or AI, EPS.
Create a world where players can have a wide selection of armor and clothing that will allow them to create their own unique character. Whether you’re releasing a horror, combat, arcade, quest, adventure, MMO, RPG, strategy or card game, you’re sure to discover something truly amazing. Be sure to visit to get new quality resources and opportunities in game development.


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