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A magnificent collection called Monster Game Assets is open for your attention and download! Flip through the pages of this Game Art very carefully, because each of them contains many incredible, charming, terrifying, lifelike, and even cartoon monsters, specially crafted for integration into the expanses of your gaming universe. Among this variety of graphics you will find cute but still dangerous turtles, piranhas, orcs, underwater monsters, witches, slugs, vampires, asset kit, TCG cards, huge sharks, scary skulls, game set, zombies, demon icons, sea creatures, futuristic killing machines, skill icons and many other graphics ready to become part of your game. With such a vast section, you can find a variety of graphic styles including vector, pixel art, cartoon, etc. Also, the file formats will vary and depend solely on the set you choose: from PNG, PSD to AI, EPS, SCML. In addition, such popular engines as Godot, GDevelop, Defold, Unity, Construct 2 and others are perfect for using any of these kits. And such genres as runners, platformers, side-scrollers, strategies, quests, MMOs, RPGs, adventures, action, fantasy and others are perfect for this section.

Create a world in which the player will need to make his way through the thorns of terrifying swamps, dangerous streets of a futuristic city or through the jungle, fighting terrible and powerful monsters, hiding from them or getting involved in each battle. It’s all possible with this collection and other assets on

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