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Today you have opened the door to the extensive and popular Shooter Game Assets section, where you can download so many assets. It stores a sufficient number of different resources that are already prepared to become part of your beautiful Game Art. Among the assets of this section you will find: many game kits that fit perfectly into the shooter theme, characters (combat, spaceships, turrets, weapons, tanks, destroyed and intact military vehicles, monsters, bosses, main characters, etc.), GUI (game menus), with the entire layout of buttons, skill icons, various game objects (including ranks) and many other useful graphics.
This section offers a variety of resource development styles, ranging from pixel art, vector graphics to 3D low poly models and Sci-Fi. Depending on the resource package you choose, it may contain different graphics formats: PNG and PSD in one case, EPS and SCML or FBX in another. In addition, these resources have excellent versatility and can be easily adapted to any popular genre of our time, such as RPG, MMO, runner, strategy, survival, horror, adventure, platformer, side-scroller, quest and others. Game engines such as Buildbox, GameMaker, Phaser, Godot, Solar 2D are ideal for creating games using these kits. Don’t forget to save site, because it contains many collections that will help you prepare a high-quality game in any genre or style.

2D Game Kits

Characters & Sprites

Game UI


2D Game Objects

3D Game Assets


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