Fantasy Pixel Art Character Collection

Here you will find a large and varied collection of fantasy pixel art characters. Characters are unique in appearance: clothing, physique, hairstyle, and more. All of them are created in full growth. Assets can be used in dialogue, for example when the main character receives a quest or in TCG video games.

This collection contains many fantasy creatures: demons, elfs, halflings, undeads, fairies, dwarves, etc. There is also a human race. These are magicians and warriors, peasants and ordinary inhabitants of a medieval city. Each character has several types of emotions. This will be useful in dialogues. The graphics are perfect for video games in pixel art style in a medieval fantasy setting. Make adjustments, edit and change the color scheme for your game project. A program like Adobe Photoshop is a good choice for all of these tasks. You can use the collection in various game engines: Unity, GameMaker Studio, Cocos Creator, Solar2D, Godot, Ren’Py b and more.


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