Free Demon Characters Pixel Art

Free Demon Characters Pixel Art
Free Demon Characters Pixel Art
Free Demon Characters Pixel Art
Free Demon Characters Pixel Art
Free Demon Characters Pixel Art
Free Demon Characters Pixel Art


We present Free Demon Characters Pixel Art. Move away from the canonical villain imagery and use the characters as quest roles, NPCs, or even friends and helpers. The set consists of figures of demons in full growth (1 pc.) and icons with avatars (4 types). The characters will be universal for any genre of 2D pixel games. For example, MMORPG, CRPG, Rogue RPG, Action-RPG, action platformers, text novels, and even card games.

The squad of the antagonists includes:
  • A pyromancy-wielding sorceress wearing a green cape and red robes;
  • Mercenary with pointed spider-like paws made of bones and a giant sword;
  • Mage-warrior with a wooden staff and green wings;
  • A faun girl with eyes on her hands, with flasks with a potion and a sorcerer’s bag
  • Paladin demoness in a white dress and golden armor with a long sword and black wings like a bat;
  • A hunter in a shirt, and leather armor with a scythe, a huge labrys (double-sided ax);
  • Cult leader in a leather mask and two-handed big horns;
  • Voodoo shaman with hooves, spell book, and skulls.

All icons with villains illustrate 4 facial expressions: calmness-friendliness, grin-provocation, joy-laughter, and anger-wrath.

  • Graphics: 2D, pixel art;
  • Quantity: 8 characters, 4 emotions;
  • Format: PNG, PSD.

Please note that this set includes characters only. Everything that is shown in the preview besides the characters is made for demonstration purposes.

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