Fantasy Platformer Pixel Art Game Assets

We present you a thematic collection of graphics – Fantasy Platformer Pixel Art Game Assets. This collection consists of more than 20 sets, which include different assets.

They are perfect for creating various fantasy worlds in the style of a pixel art. Sets such as: game interface, bosses, animated traps and obstacles, characters, monsters, various icons (treasures, ingredients), etc. will help you with this. Even with the listed sets, it is already possible to create your own, exciting fantasy world. All graphics in our collection are created in a pixel art game style. This allows you to quickly, and most importantly, conveniently edit everything you see. Change colors, resolution, orientation and implement the project in various engines: Unity, Construct, GameMaker Studio, Godot, Solar 2D, Cocos2d, etc. Animations of characters and objects are also in the collection, and are stored as sprites.

In the future, we will expand the collection with new sets that will help you create new projects.

2D Game Kits

Characters & Sprites

Game UI




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