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You have found yourself on the mystical pages of the Demon Game Assets section, be the first to download them! This collection has amazing resources that will amaze you with their quality, mystical spirit and can improve your game art. Enjoy gaming art dedicated to demonic entities and give free rein to your infernal creativity. Here you will find: cute, but still equally dangerous demon characters, with their own unique features and movement animations, various icons of demonic loot, skills and avatars themselves, game objects and many other useful things that allow you to display the world of the underworld. Regardless of whether you are creating a game in the genre of horror, runner, card game, RPG, or adventure, strategy, tower defense, quest, etc., you are sure to find something worthwhile for yourself. In addition, you can see different implementations of these resources, for example, you may come across pixel art, vector graphics and even TCG cards. As a result, the formats of the set you choose will differ, from PNG, PSD, to AI, EPS, SPINE. And thanks to its excellent adaptability, you can easily integrate it into many popular game engines, like GDevelop, Defold, Construct 2, Construct 3, Unity, GameSalad. Pay your attention to the website, which contains many useful sets that are ready to become part of your gaming world.

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