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Download our incredible gaming resources dedicated to Sci-Fi Game Assets. There are enough assets here to take your Game Art to the next level. Among these numerous fantastic sets, you can discover the following: skill icons, game kit that relate to the theme of science fiction, various portals, never-before-seen weapons, drones, flying cars, tilesets, city streets of a futuristic city, characters, various ranking badges , backgrounds, game menus and much more.

These packages with high-quality graphics are designed in different styles, including pixel art, vector, 3D Low Poly and others. So depending on the package you choose, you will be able to find certain file formats in it (PSD, PNG, FBX, EPS, SCML). They are also easy to adapt to many modern game genres, including RPG, runner, strategy, action, survival, platformer, quest, battle, etc. And as a bonus, they have excellent adaptation to many game engines, including Solar 2D, GDevelop, Defold, Unity and others.

Whether you’re creating a game that takes place in a futuristic city or outer space, you’ll definitely find something special here for your game project. But if you need more graphic elements, then you should definitely look at other sections of the site

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