Free Hammer 3D Low Poly Models

Free Hammer 3D Low Poly Models
Free Hammer 3D Low Poly Models


This is Free Hammer 3D Low Poly Models. The set includes maces and hammers for different races and classes. For example there is a dwarven hammer or an elven staff in the set, and you can use them depending on the composition of your characters. Hammers are weapons whose movements are slow and easy to predict, but deafeningly strong. In combat, this is especially evident. It takes a large amount of time to swing. Enemies can deftly retreat, but if one of them gets stuck and misses a lunge, a blow of devastating force will fall on him.The mace will suit fans of impressive but not quick-reaction weapons. The document texture atlas is editable and allows you to easily change the color scheme. This package is applicable to any genre where low poly or 3D graphics can be used.

  • Graphics: 3D, low poly;
  • Quantity: 24 items;
  • Format: FBX and textures in PNG format.

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