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2D Game Barbarian Character Sprite

2D Game Barbarian Character Sprite
2D Game Barbarian Character Sprite
2D Game Barbarian Character Sprite


2D game Barbarian character sprites for your game development. This character has different weapons, and three various beards. This will allow to successfully use him in various situations.
You will get characters disassembled and in various animations.

Demo animation

orange_barbarian black_barbarian 2D-Game-Barbarian-Character-Sprite

  • Hurt;
  • Run;
  • Jump;
  • Idle;
  • Attack;
  • Walk;
  • Dead.
The file includes:
  • 3 ai format files;
  • 130 png animations;
  • 33 body parts.

You can download the file after purchase. We really appreciate your opinion, leave a couple of lines in comments.

Update 31.07.2017

Animation SCML (BrashMonkey Spriter)

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