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The Adventure Game Assets section opens before you, so download these assets and move along the path of exciting quests and characters. These Game Art resources are a treasure trove of fantastic elements, created specifically to help you develop an iconic and exciting game project. On the pages of this collection, you can discover game kits, which will allow you to create exciting adventures of a fast racer or participant in space battles. You will also receive characters (monsters, demons, orcs, knights, zombies, magicians, pirates, bosses, main characters , spaceships, skeletons, ghosts, etc.), tilesets and many other resources. There are a variety of character design styles to choose from, ranging from pixel art to vector graphics.
Depending on the resource pack you choose, you will find different graphics formats: PNG and PSD in one case, EPS and SCML in another. These resources have excellent versatility and can easily be adapted to any popular genre of our time, including adventures, runners, turn-based strategies, quests, battles, exploration, travel, tower defense, MMOs, RPGs and others. The same applies to such game engines as Solar 2D, Cocos 2D, GDevelop, Defold, because they are perfect for creating games using these sets. Be sure to bookmark the site, this is where you will find a large selection of graphic assets that can help you create a cult game and will attract thousands of players around the world.

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