Fantasy Low Poly Assets Collection

We have put together a Fantasy Low Poly Assets Collection for you to create or update your game. This is a huge collection of 3D graphics in low polygonal style, using which you can create a cool 3D world in the genre of strategy, survival, adventure, RPG, CRPG. This package consists of free and premium sets, namely: 3D models of orcs, elves, humans and their settlements, weapons, various buildings, fortresses, flora of locations (grass, bushes, stones), medieval houses, decorations, animals, trees, runes , locations (winter, desert, volcano).

Create unique settlements of orcs, elves and humans, with their unique weapons and types of work. Or form a huge city, with your own adventurer’s guild, in which the player will receive tasks, along with CraftPix!
You can easily edit all graphics. For example, change the appearance of models, add new details or remove unnecessary ones. Also, you can integrate this set into any popular game engine, such as: Unity, Unreal Engine , Godot, Defold etc.


  • Instant access to ALL GAME ASSETS (included new ones!)
  • 12 new products / month
  • Unlimited downloads for each product
  • Regular updates and support with dedicated help desk
  • You can sell and distribute games with our assets.

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