Shooter Characters Pixel Art Sprite Collection

Shooter Characters Pixel Art Sprite Collection is a dynamic ensemble of pixel-perfect characters ready to enhance your gaming experience. This collection provides a complete solution for developers looking to bring energy and excitement to their 2D shooters. Here you will discover unique characters, including zombie police officers, soldiers, zombie residents and even raiders, who are perfect for creating a unique post-apocalyptic world and conveying the full range of shooter aesthetics.
These characters are created in the beloved pixel art style and easily integrate into various genres of 2D games, including top-down shooters, side-scrollers, platformers, quests, survivals, exploration, fantasy, RPGs and much more. These sprites are optimized for use in popular game engines such as Unity, Godot, GameMaker and others. In addition, you can easily modify the external component of each set in this collection at any time.
This applies to both free and premium sets, as the Adobe Photoshop graphic editor is capable of handling such modifications.


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