Medieval Interior Top Down Pixel Art Tileset

Medieval Interior Top Down Pixel Art Tileset


Before you Medieval Interior Top Down Pixel Art Tileset. This is a collection of interior decoration graphics. For example, this could be a character’s room. He can store his belongings there, create armor or weapons, brew potions, etc. The set includes: walls, stairs, windows, doors, drawers, shelves, bed, decorative items and much more. The archive contains PNG format.

The graphics are saved as sprite sheets of several versions: 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64. Compatible with RPG Maker MV and MZ.

Demo animation:

Please note that this graphics was created by a third-party artist. has bought perpetual rights to publish and sell (free download for premium users). If you download the graphics here, it is licensed from Craftpix:

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