Pixel Art Game Assets Download

Download these fantastic Pixel Art Game Assets, which is ready to pierce your game project with notes of quality, variety and fun. This collection is the “magic” key to the big door, behind which lies the wonderful world of Pixel Game Art.

In this section, you can discover a fairly rich range of different resources, including skill icons, clothing items, weapons, tilesets, heroes, enemies and even the strongest bosses, ancient objects, robots, wizards and others. This variety will allow you to easily select the necessary package for any of the genres of modern 2D games, including retro-style platformers, classic role-playing games, daring adventures, runners, turn-based strategies, MMO-RPGs, RPGs, etc. In this section, you can find such formats of graphic elements as PNG, PSD, which can be easily edited using a simple graphics editor, like Adobe Photoshop.

In addition, these resources easily integrate with popular game engines such as GameMaker, Phaser, Godot, Solar 2D and others. Discover a magnificent treasury with huge deposits of high-quality gaming resources on the website craftpix.net.

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