Tank Wars 2D Game Kit


Before you Tank Wars 2D Game Kit. You can create a full-fledged game where you need to destroy your opponents with the help of tanks. This can be implemented in a game with turn-based moves. Perhaps in the form of a single player or multiplayer. All this is created with different locations and with a variety of weapons.

The kit includes:
  • 5 animated tanks;
  • 20 types of weapons (various shells, plasma, bombs, rockets, dynamite, molotov cocktail, glove, magnet);
  • 6 types of tiles;
  • Various obstacles (trees, rocks, mines, boxes, etc.);
  • 4 backgrounds. Resolution: 2048×1536;
  • Interface: login page, tank selection, settings, level window, win and lose windows, pause, weapon window.
The archive contains the following formats:
  • PSD;
  • PNG.
Demo animation:

Please note that this graphics was created by a third-party artist. Craftpix.net has bought perpetual rights to publish and sell (free download for premium users). If you download the graphics here, it is licensed from Сraftpix: https://craftpix.net/file-licenses/

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