TDS Modern: Pixel Game Kit



Here is a great TDS Modern Game Kit. This is a collection of high-quality pixel graphics for creating games on military topics. The set includes: military equipment (tanks, helicopters, planes and much more), soldiers (sniper, grenade launcher, machine gunner and others), infrastructure objects (boxes, fences, buildings, tower and much more), various effects of explosions and smoke, various greenery (from grass to trees). Also there is a main character. He has a large number of weapons and items to collect. The GUI is added to the archive. With this set you can easily create a full-fledged game project. Our team will be glad to see it. We believe it will become successful. Thank you for choosing Сraftpix!

List of elements (GUI):
  • Login page;
  • Window of improvements;
  • Pause window;
  • Victory window (number of stars, collected coins);
  • Window of defeat;
  • Level select window;
  • Settings window: sounds, music (on and off);
  • Inventory window;
  • Minimap;
  • Loading;
  • Mini window of character.
The set includes (TDS Modern: Soldiers And Vehicles Sprites):
  • 2 soldiers, animation: walk, death, attack;
  • Tanks and armoured troop carriers, animation: riding, shooting, destroyed version;
  • Jeep (new and destroyed version);
  • Shadows (in general PSD file);
  • Animation of shooting and smoke.
The kit includes (TDS Modern: Soldiers And Vehicles Sprites 2):
  • Gunner;
  • Sniper;
  • Tank;
  • Helicopter;
  • Airplane;
  • Shot Effects.
The collection includes (TDS Modern: Hero, Weapons and Props):
  • The main character in the role of a soldier with weapons: pistol, machine gun, grenade launcher, flamethrower;
  • Animation of shooting and explosions;
  • Things to collect: armor, acceleration, first-aid kit, cartridges, money.
The collection includes (TDS Modern: Tilesets and Environment):
  • These are different tilesets of earth, sand, grass, water, asphalt, stones, trees and bushes. There are also structures such as barracks, a watchtower, a bridge and a fortification. Small items: several kinds of boxes, barrels and stumps.
  • PNG;
  • PSD.

Bonus! Icons for App Store and Google play (512×512, 1024×1024, 2048×2048).

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