Top View Pirate Topic Game Asset Pack

Top View Pirate Topic Game Asset Pack
Top View Pirate Topic Game Asset Pack


Top View Pirate Topic Game Asset Pack is a great set that will allow you to surprise your players with wonderful and exciting locations. A mysterious pirate island, long lost on maps, is the focus of attention. Despite its disappearance from maps, hundreds of boats and ships are converging to search for it. These vessels are ready to engage in battles, eager to test their pirate luck. The motivation lies in the hidden treasures of gold that are believed to be concealed on the island. This set also hides a lot of treasures, among which you can find: 5 types of pirate ships, small islands consisting of sand, the remains of a destroyed ship, old stumps and stones sticking out from under the water, palm trees, wooden pillars from the old pier, garbage, hidden treasures (barrels, chests, coins), wooden bridges, a huge octopus, stains on the water, shadows and other useful resources.

Use this set to create a world filled with sea battles, vintage pirate ships, the spirit of freedom and adventure. In addition, it is perfect for most genres of the modern gaming industry, including adventure, turn-based strategy, battle, children’s game, RPG, MMO, quest, tower defense and many others. And if your game project requires making certain adjustments in this set, then you need to use any suitable vector editor, like Adobe Illustrator.

  • Graphics: Vector;
  • Format: AI, EPS, PNG.
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