5 Funny Monsters Game Asset Pack V18


5 Funny Monsters Game Asset Pack V18 is not just a set with high-quality graphics – it is a worthy advantage that you can get over your competitors. After all, its repository is filled with unique details that can surprise everyone who immerses themselves in your gaming universe. It is filled with 5 characters, cute and funny monsters, namely:

  • Smiling monkey with big ears and a cap on its head;
  • Rabbit-like monster;
  • Heavily armored and armed guard with a shield and club;
  • Bug-eyed monster with a machine gun;
  • Small monster with features similar to a potato.

Each of them has worthy features that allow you to create decent gameplay that can be etched in the memory of the majority of your community. Create a world in which players can fight these cute but dangerous and insidious monsters. They will be able to upgrade their heroes and go through a decent campaign in the world of RPG, action, adventure, MMO, quests, runners, tower defense, children’s games, or other popular genres. Its additional advantage is the presence of a unique motion animation for each of the monsters presented here, including walk, idle, attack, etc. Make additional changes to its structure and fill it with your own vision using any vector editor, such as Adobe Illustrator.

  • Graphics: Vector;
  • Files: AI, EPS, PNG, PSD.
Demo animation:

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