RPG Top-Down Pixel Art Assets Collection

Welcome to the RPG Top-Down Pixel Art Assets section – an expanse of limitless creativity where the captivating essence of role-playing adventures converges with the nostalgic charm of pixel art. CraftPix is excited to introduce a meticulously curated collection of assets, specifically designed to cater to the world of top-down RPG gaming.

Step into a realm filled with epic quests, enchanting landscapes, and immersive storytelling as you explore our extensive selection of pixel-perfect creations. Each asset pack has been thoughtfully crafted to embody the spirit of classic RPG gameplay, seamlessly blending intricate details with the iconic aesthetics of pixel art.

Our RPG Top-Down assets serve as your portal to constructing immersive and dynamic worlds, enabling you to construct sprawling cities, treacherous dungeons, and expansive wildernesses. Whether you’re an experienced game developer looking to infuse life into a grand fantasy epic, or a budding creator envisioning your very first RPG endeavor, our pixel art assets cater to a diverse range of skill levels and project aspirations.

These sets seamlessly integrate into popular game engines such as Unity, Godot, Solar 2D, Cocos 2D, GDevelop, and more, streamlining the integration process and empowering your creative vision.


2D Game Objects


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