TDS Modern: Soldiers And Vehicles Sprites


Here is a collection of TDS Modern: soldiers and vehicles sprites – a set of pixel graphics for those who create TOP Down game on the military theme. We have prepared for you several soldiers, a tank, an armoured troop carrier and various effects. In the archive you will find PSD and PNG files with the finished animation. All this will allow you to quickly and easily integrate this graphics into your game project. We will develop this direction in the future. Soon new collections will appear. Stay with us. We wish you success!

The set includes:
  • 2 soldiers, animation: walk, death, attack;
  • Tanks and armoured troop carriers, animation: riding, shooting, destroyed version;
  • Jeep (new and destroyed version);
  • Shadows (in general PSD file);
  • Animation of shooting and smoke.
  • 15 PSD;
  • 67 PNG.

28.06.2019 Added shadows in PNG format

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