Energy Shop Asset UI Pack V6

Energy Shop Asset UI Pack V6


We present to your attention Energy Shop Asset UI Pack V6. This pack can definitely bring great benefits to many modern game developers. No matter how experienced a developer is, this set will provide a useful selection of quality graphics. 6 energy icons are stored here, visually conveying the amount of energy received by a player for completing a quest or through an in-game donation. Small rewards for watching a commercial or a whole box of energy jars for a player who decides to support your game project with a donation. Their vibrant colors and attractive 2D vector style make them especially enticing for players to use.

Use this set to give your gaming community a choice – to support your game project, collect your reward and progress much faster, or gradually overcome obstacles to upgrade their characters. Even if your goal is to create an amazing runner, a children’s game that will attract millions of new users, an exciting quest or RPG, an MMO interspersed with adventure, this set is suitable for these goals. And using a simple editor that can work with vectors, such as Adobe Illustrator, will help you easily make your own changes to its structure.

  • Graphics: Vector;
  • Files: AI, EPS, PNG, PSD.
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