Side Scroll Heroic Characters Asset Pack

Side Scroll Heroic Characters Asset Pack


Every developer looking to prepare a unique game project needs new characters, this Side Scroll Heroic Characters Asset Pack has everything you need to help you with your search. Each character in this set has a great look and years to impress your community with superbly selected movement animations. Here, 3 characters are stored, namely:

  • Cheerful jester;
  • Ninja, with katana and combat vehicle;
  • Sweet girl explorer.

Use this set to create a fun world where players can play any of these three characters, complete fun quests, solve interesting puzzles, and fight enemies. Thanks to the cool motion animations of each character, which include actions like dead, fall, run, fast fun, glide hit, jump, roll, shoot walk, and many others, they can be effortlessly applied to a wide range of popular genres. These animations are particularly well-suited for modern 2D game settings, providing versatility and enhancing the gaming experience. Runners, quests, RPGs, turn-based strategies, platformers, kids games, and even tower defense are available with this set. It all depends on your desire and the requirements of the game project itself. And using the simple and easy-to-use Adobe Illustrator, or any other graphic editor, you can easily customize the structure of each of the characters here and create a special appearance for them that will fully meet your requirements.

  • Quantity: 3 Characters;
  • Graphics: Vector;
  • Files: AI, EPS, PNG, Spine.
Demo animation:

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