MMORPG Icons Asset Collection

We present you a collection of MMORPG Icons Asset Collection on a free and premium basis. Customize your characters with icons and create everything from appearance and race to activities. Players or creators can upgrade their characters as the game progresses, making them more unique and powerful. You can also implement not only your character, but also the world in which he lives, along with the addition of loot, skills, buffs and much more. In addition, add technical elements such as quest elements, trophies and battle icons for greater player engagement and a richer visual component. Modify the size, orientation, color scheme, and more in any graphics editor like Adobe Photoshop. Create your own unique heroes, bosses and other characters for any medieval fantasy setting. Take your design to the next level and stay tuned for updates to complete your game with CraftPix!

The collection includes: skills for warriors, fantasy professions, item icons, loot, portraits and avatars of characters, armor and protective equipment, various weapons and much more. All this in the form of icons with resolution 256×256. Vector graphics!


  • Instant access to ALL GAME ASSETS (included new ones!)
  • 12 new products / month
  • Unlimited downloads for each product
  • Regular updates and support with dedicated help desk
  • You can sell and distribute games with our assets.

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