48 Weapon Loot RPG Icon Pack

48 Weapon Loot RPG Icon Pack


Get ready for exciting battles and epic quests with the 48 Weapon Loot RPG Icon Pack. This exciting icon collection is designed to bring a sense of power, strategy and excitement to your RPG game. With a large number of expertly crafted weapon icons, you can enhance your gameplay and provide players with a wide variety of formidable tools for their heroic deeds. Here you will find an arsenal of weapons that will simply excite the imagination of the players. Mighty swords, deadly fans, Molotov cocktails, razor-sharp tridents, thin swords, powerful axes, nimble daggers, versatile nunchaku and even iron brass knuckles.

With over 48 different icons, you can easily apply them to many popular 2D game genres. Including RPG, runner, action, quest, adventure and even strategy. These badges are not just symbols of strength and combat prowess. They can also serve as valuable rewards and elements of progress in your game world. As players venture into treacherous dungeons, defeat powerful foes, and complete challenging quests, weapon loot icons will become symbols of their accomplishments and tools to aid them in their adventures. In addition, when using the vector editor Adobe Illustrator, you can easily bring new zest to the appearance of each element.

  • ‌Quantity: 48 different icons;
  • Graphics: 2D, Vector;
  • Formats: AI, EPS, PNG;
  • Resolution: 256×256.
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