Free Game Achievement Vector RPG Icons

Free Game Achievement Vector RPG Icons
Free Game Achievement Vector RPG Icons
Free Game Achievement Vector RPG Icons


Free Game Achievement Vector RPG Icons is an excellent choice for those 2D game developers who truly want to surprise their players with innovations and the opportunity to upgrade their characters. Here we have collected 30 high-quality icons. They will definitely be useful to you to highlight all the joy and gratitude to the player, emphasizing his determination in developing a particular skill. They are divided into three separate factions, each containing 10 icons: the adventurer’s reward, the highest profit, and winnings from various tournaments or other quests. From simple, bare-bones icons to amazingly detailed awards that are framed in gold, silver, sharp swords, gold coins and cups.

Use this set to fill your game repository with new features and provide additional motivation to your players in developing new skills and increasing their gaming experience. Due to such a wide variety, it is absolutely universal, allowing you to use it in most modern gaming genres, including runners, adventures, quests, exploration, action, MMOs, RPGs, battles, travel and many others. And by using any vector editor, such as Adobe Illustrator, you can integrate many necessary changes into its appearance.

  • ‌Graphics: 2D;
  • Quantity: 30 Icons;
  • Archive with files: AI, EPS, PNG;
  • Resolution: 512×512.
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