RPG Icons Asset Collection

Bring your game visuals to the next level with MMORPG Icons Asset Collection. Here you will meet a variety of materials to create a full-fledged hero, bosses and rivals, such as demons, paladins, spearmen, berserkers, alchemists and others. This collection contains loot (mushrooms, Halloween items, treasure chest, spear, blunt weapons, fishing, hunting, etc.), skills (thief, archer, pyro, aeromancer, pirate, jeweler, swordsman, warlock, debuff, even cooking, tannery, etc.), wardrobe materials (staff, axe, boots, belts, greaves, helmet, and more), various avatars to complement your world or game level.

The icons are made in the same style as the medieval fantasy setting. You can easily change the color scheme, scale size and orientation to fit your game requirements and any popular game engine (Construct 2, Unity, GameSalad, Unreal Engine, etc.). Here are plenty of goodies to help you create materials to improve your game design. You can keep track of the latest sets by bookmarking the site! There are 50 icons in each set. Dimensions: 512×512. The collection is constantly being updated.


  • Instant access to ALL GAME ASSETS (included new ones!)
  • 12 new products / month
  • Unlimited downloads for each product
  • Regular updates and support with dedicated help desk
  • You can sell and distribute games with our assets.

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