Free Zombie Villager Chibi Character Sprites

Free Zombie Villager Chibi Character Sprites
Free Zombie Villager Chibi Character Sprites


Free Zombie Villager Chibi Character Sprites is truly a great choice for 2D game developers who want to create a world filled with amazing characters. Here, three high-quality zombie characters are stored. Each has its own traits and appearance. Perhaps they once lived in the same village, until a dangerous virus took over their bodies. Frightening, white, red and gray eyes, a rancid stench hovers around them, the flesh has separated from the body in pieces, and the clothes have already become covered with dirt – the whole appearance imbued with a sense of horror, fear and zombie power.

Transport your players into a world where they must combat legions of undead zombies, risen from their graves and thirsting to overrun cities! With an array of animations showcasing their menacing movements, you can vividly depict the terrifying prowess of these zombies. These animations range from basic shuffling to idle stances, vicious slashing, projectile throwing, and more. Seamlessly integrate them into a multitude of popular gaming genres, including endless runners, adventures, quests, strategies, survival games, RPGs, tower defense, and beyond. What’s more, making additional modifications won’t consume extensive time, as you can utilize any vector editor such as Adobe Illustrator.

  • ‌Quantity: 3 Characters;
  • Graphics: Vector;
  • Format: AI, EPS, PNG.
Demo animation:

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