RPG Warrior Skill Icons


Don’t miss out on this amazing set of RPG Warrior Skill Icons! The entire collection is brimming with unique icons crafted in a high-quality style, ready to enrich your game world with vibrant new colors. Among its variety, you can unlock the following warrior skills: smashing strike, mace swing, encouraging cry, adding power, boots of speed, reconciliation with the enemy, healing, shield protection, white flag of the loser, bone strike, crossing swords and many other details, capable of adding new elements to your gaming environment.

Recreate new opportunities in your gaming environment that can fully unleash the skills of the warriors and characters that players control. Each of the 50 icons is prepared in a resolution of 512×512. This resolution greatly simplifies its integration into many popular genres, ranging from exploration, adventure, quests, battles, as well as research to RPGs, MMOs, fantasy, runners and others. In addition, you can fill its repository with new details using any editors like Adobe Photoshop that can work with PNG and PSD files.

  • ‌Format: PSD, PNG;
  • Size: 512×512;
  • Quantity: 50 Icons.
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