RPG Berserker Skill Icons

RPG Berserker Skill Icons


Here is a set of RPG Berserker Skill Icons. Berserkers are one of the most legendary undefeated warriors. They were distinguished by their particular cruelty, great strength and a practical absence of pain in battles. Traditionally, they fought only with a shield and an ax, with which they swept away everything in their path. Therefore, we tried to display in this set of icons such skills as: different types and levels of blows, ax throwing, shield defense, poisonous weapons, acceleration, battle cry, healing and much more.

Berserker is a comfortable character, and his skills will win the sympathy of both beginners and experienced players. You can use icons in RPGs, RTSs, card games, or Pixel-art MMORPGs. Leave their original style, or change it in any raster graphics editor.

  • Graphics: 2D;
  • Quantity: 50 pieces;
  • Archive with files: PSD, PNG;
  • Resolution: 512×512.
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