Old Hero Chibi Style Character Sprites

Old Hero Chibi Style Character Sprites
Old Hero Chibi Style Character Sprites


Old Hero Chibi Style Character Sprites are a worthy set that will definitely be useful to developers of 2D game worlds. Here, you’ll find three fascinating characters, each possessing unique personality traits and individual styles. Among them are:

  • Bald old man;
  • A gray-haired man dressed in peasant work clothes;
  • An old man with thick hair.

They not only take into account the style of clothing, the presence of hair, or beard, but also consider various options for movement animation, adding additional realism to them. Base, idle, slash, throw, kick, walk, jump, run, slash and other animations will help you create a decent game world. Here your gaming community will help you meet new characters in the form of simple NPCs or sages who will accompany them on their development path. No matter what genre of the modern gaming industry you decide to use them in: RPG, MMO, runner, adventure, quest, strategy, fantasy, survival or any other, it will be a great move for them. In addition, we used vector graphics, as a result of which, you can use a famous Adobe Illustrator editor and integrate all the necessary details or your creative ideas.

  • Quantity: 3 Characters;
  • Graphics: Vector;
  • Format: AI, EPS, PNG.
Demo animation:

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