Cyberpunk Platformer Asset Pixel Art

Create an exciting game visual with the premium and free Cyberpunk Platformer Asset Pixel Art. This atmosphere of high technology domination and futurism with massive neon lights can’t leave players indifferent. In this collection, we gather unique tilesets, the main characters, bosses, enemies sprite sheets, items, and backgrounds with the ability to create Parallax effects. You can find various locations such as Sewerage, Green City, Chinese Town, Lab, Bar, and more. All our graphics are executed in pixel art, allowing you to change the resolution, color, and orientation, and they can be easily implemented into famous engines. Our packs are constantly updated, so stay tuned to create a truly dope visual for your game.

Animation of characters and objects is saved in the form of sprite sheets. We are planning to expand the cyberpunk collection with new sets. These will be 32×32 icons, new characters, items, city locations, interface, backgrounds and much more.

Characters & Sprites

Game UI




2D Game Objects

Text Effects


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