Fantasy RPG Loot Icons 512×512

Fantasy RPG Loot Icons 512×512


We have prepared for your attention this Fantasy RPG Loot Icons 512×512. They will definitely be appreciated by true 2D game developers who want to create a unique gameplay and fill it with new details. It stores 50 high-quality icons, each of them is crafted in the widely-used resolution of 512×512. This in turn will allow you to use them in most popular gaming genres, including RPGs, adventures, runners, MMOs, card games and even quests.

Among its repository, you can discover the following graphics options: dragon paws and teeth, various amulets that can be used as decoration or as amulets, amazing flowers, logs, eyes, rings, daggers, knight armor, staves, flutes, skulls, axes, leather boots, cutlasses, scrolls, books and many other unique graphic elements. In addition, you can not only use them on an ongoing basis in your game projects, but also easily modify their structure and appearance. For example, integrate additional details, change the color scheme or scale the size. To do this, you will need a simple editor like Adobe Photoshop.

  • ‌Format: PSD, PNG;
  • Size: 512×512;
  • Quantity: 50 Icons.
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