RPG Flower Game Icons

RPG Flower Game Icons


We present to you the RPG Flower Game Icons set, which contains a constant number of magnificent icons that can diversify your gaming environment and fill it with new elements of beauty and interest. And its diversity in the form of 50 icons in a resolution of 5112×512 will help you recreate an amazing game world. In this world, players can find the necessary loot to craft various potions or medicines for quick use. Among its contents, you can see various flower icons that differ in shape, shade, number of petals and much more. From orchids, daisies, bluebells to roses, chrysanthemums, lilies and tulips.

Whether you’re creating an amazing level that takes place in a charming garden where players can get these flowers, or you’re just looking for some variety in how you get loot, this template is suitable for any purpose. In addition, you can easily integrate it into such genres of the 2D gaming industry as adventures, MMOs, RPGs, battles, quests, turn-based strategies, card games and many other wonderful genres. In addition, you can definitely modify these icons using simple graphic editors such as Adobe Photoshop.

  • ‌Format: PSD, PNG;
  • Size: 512×512;
  • Quantity: 50 Icons.
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